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Letters of Recommendation

Dear Susan,
Thank you for managing our property at Ordway Street over the past several years and for your advice updating the sales market for us so that our property was sold at the best price. We felt very fortunate to have you as our agent whom we could trust entirely since we had been really busy in Hong Kong. If anyone wants to find a managing or sales agent, we would highly recommend you without any reservation.
Dr. Eunice Wong and
Mr. Yee Hon Chan
Hong Kong

To Whom it May Concern:
I live in Europe and have a property in Bethesda, MD that has been managed by Sue Bader for the past years. I have always found Sue extremely helpful in this overseas management but also always very, very quick to answer my questions or to deal with problems. She has always made excellent suggestions, has dealt with the tenants and us extremely well, and has kept us informed about everything. It is especially wonderful and so valuable when you don’t know all the ways and obligations you have in a country you don’t live in. I recommend Sue highly, especially in such a difficult situation as overseas management. Life has been so much better knowing an efficient and excellent professional is managing it. 
Christine De Boissard

Dear Susan:
Myung and I couldn’t be happier with the management of our property since you took over. As you know, being overseas a lot, there is always the worry about what is happening to the old homestead. Tenants come and go, and when we are back in the Washington area, we like to be able to move in with a minimum of fuss and fix-up. Under your capable management, we have had no problems- and the worry has vanished. If there is a special medal for service above and beyond the call of duty in property management, you certainly deserve it. Looking forward to many more years of cooperation.
Charles A. Ray
U.S. Consul General
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

To Whom it May Concern:
Eight years ago we became dissatisfied with our existing property manager and transferred management to Susan Bader at Stuart and Maury, Inc. In the ensuing years our properties have been well maintained and Ms. Bader has guided us in timely property improvements that have resulted in increased rental returns as well as increased in property values. 
A.W. & S. W.
Bethesda, MD
(owners’ names and contact information available on case by case request)


To Whom it May Concern:
Ms. Susan Bader of Stuart and Maury, Inc. is managing our house in Montgomery County that we have rented since 1985. We are living abroad (in Indonesia, in Germany, in Nepal and now again in Indonesia). I won’t exaggerate it, but she has been doing an excellent job all the time through. When you are living abroad, far away, it is of crucial importance that you have the feeling that your property at home is in safe hands. Ms. Susan Bader gave us that feeling. She is diplomatic, fair and cost-minded and can be firm when the situation requires it.  We are very happy with her services and are looking forward to a continued harmonious cooperation.
Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Pieter Roeloffs

To whom it may concern:
My wife and I have been living in Portugal for the past 10 years and have had our house rented for the full time. We have worked with Susan Bader for almost this entire time and have learned to trust her judgment and competence in managing property. Since the first days she took over management of our property, just off Massachusetts Avenue in Bethesda, she was able to make repairs and painting needed in record time and market the house for a rent considerably above the previous tenants. This is extremely important and we have never had a tenant “problem” with Susan’s advice.  We trust her to run things and she can virtually take charge, but always checks with us before making expensive repairs, or changes. We have confidence with Susan and think of her as a good friend. I can recommend her without reservation.
Charles A. Buchanan, Jr., Director
Luso-American Development Foundation
Lisbon, Portugal

To Whom it May Concern:
Susan Bader, of Stuart and Maury, Inc., has managed a rental property for me since July 1996. Susan has executed the usual property manager’s responsibilities flawlessly, but where she really shines, and earns in spades the firm’s very reasonable management fee, is in the extra attention she pays to your investment.           Susan’s advice on how to spruce up the house and yard so as to make the best possible presentation to prospective tenants was excellent advice and I am convinced produced as much in additional rent as I paid out in costs.  Susan has an enormous number of resources in the building/repair trades and they do first-rate work.  As she has been doing this type of work for some considerable time, these people know that she will not waste their time when she calls and requests an estimate. Thus the estimates and the work are done efficiently and quickly.           Susan has found excellent tenants for the house and has been very responsive to their needs and requests. Susan also knows my tastes and my preferences with respect to maintenance and decoration, and has adhered rigorously to them.           
Within the first six months of my being overseas and renting out the property, a fire occurred that did thousands of dollars worth of damage. Susan kept me informed of everything that was being done, she argued on my behalf with the insurance company who were trying to weasel out of their obligations, and she coordinated a major repair/rebuilding job. Three years later, a retaining wall was found to be in need of replacement. Susan has coordinated this work with neighbors who were concerned about noise and possible damage to their property such that the repair is being made with as little disruption to anyone as is humanly possible.           
I would recommend Susan’s work unreservedly and with the highest possible recommendation.
Alice LeMaistre
Public Affairs Officer
U.S. Embassy
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

To Whom it May Concern:
For over 19 years, many of which have been spent in overseas assignments, my wife and I have received from Sue Bader unparalleled service in the management of our Washington-area rental properties. Her judicious selection of tenants, her sound recommendations on maintenance and repairs, and her diligence in meeting various county and homeowner-association deadlines have relieved us completely of the stress often associated with the ownership of rental properties. I would happily place in her care any additional properties that we might acquire. 
 James R. Wachob
Foreign Service Officer (retired)

To Whom it May Concern:
When you are living 8,000 miles away in Tokyo, it is immensely reassuring to know that your property is being managed by a skilled, experienced professional who can cope with arranging for yard work, minor repairs – or even the replacement of an entire roof. We’ve been pleased to have Susan Bader look after our home while we have been on assignment overseas – and we look forward to having her manage this property in the future. 
Brooks and Ruth Spector
U.S. Embassy/Tokyo

To whom it may concern:
I am very pleased to write this recommendation for Susan Bader. Susan is managing our home in Bethesda, Maryland while we are overseas living and working in Quito, Ecuador. I have been very impressed with the high quality and attention to detail of Susan’s work and am very confident that she can take care of any problem that might arise in the management of our home.  This is certainly comforting as we live so far away and knowing that Susan is working with us and keeping us informed is very reassuring.  Susan is also very good with maintaining a good relationship with our tenants, which is appreciated. Susan also works very hard in ensuring that any repair work that is done on the house is of good quality and at a reasonable price. I give Susan my highest recommendation, and I am very pleased that she is taking excellent care of our house while we are away.
Jim Bell and Marcy Kelley
Quito, Equador

To Whom it May Concern: 
We’re very pleased with the way Sue Bader has handled our house while we’ve been overseas. She seamlessly took over organizing all the painting and cleanup that we couldn’t get done before we had to leave.  She took the time to learn about the eccentricities of our house, and helped our tenants figure them out too. When we’ve needed repairs, Susan has a string of reliable, reasonably priced service people who get the jobs done correctly, quickly and at reasonable cost.
John Crook, General Counsel
Multinational Force and Observers

Dear Susan:
You have taken the worry out of renting my property while I am circling the globe. From day one, over more than ten years, you have kept me well informed, made sure I got the best rent for my apartment, and managed the property as if it were your own. Many thanks.
Ronald Soriano
US Embassy Paris

To Whom it May Concern: 
We looked around very intently before selecting Susan Bader as our Property Manager when we went overseas in 1997. She emerged as the Property Manager with the best recommendations hands down.  Since then, she has managed our Potomac house with diligence and care for almost four years. Even though the house includes a 60 foot heated pool and lawn service, Susan kept a sharp eye on maintenance and repairs of all kinds. You can count on her.
From a Senior Foreign Service Officer at a medium-sized European post.

To Whom it May Concern:
Susan Bader has handled our real estate business for more than 10 years. In addition to managing rental properties for us throughout that period, she helped us to buy a house and to sell a condo apartment in DC (a particularly challenging sale!) We have been very pleased with all her work and would recommend her to anyone.
 Colin & Francisca Helmer
U.S. Embassy, Brussels, Belgium

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